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Yesterday was Good Friday. Tomorrow is Resurrection Sunday. I’ve heard some call today Holy Saturday. While we don’t actually know exactly how the days line up on the calendar, today, at least, symbolizes when Jesus’ body lay in the tomb. It was the Sabbath. The disciples were resting. But they were afraid. Their unconquerable Savior […]

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Comments on: "As We Wait — Faith on the Farm" (6)

  1. Great read! Thanks for sharing that Beverly.

  2. Easter. The Day when parents spend $65 on a basket of candy and old eggs for kids that did nothing to deserve it, but are too broke to leave $20 in the church offering for God.

  3. There is some truth to that. My kids are all grown up but the little grands certainly get their share . I was never wealthy enough to ‘over do it’ and made a lot of homemade things to make up. This year with this crazyness going on my ‘mojo’ has just slipped away and I didn’t even make and send cards. Hope things change soon.

  4. God bless you

  5. I’m praying for what you shared

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