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for such a time as this.

Absolute Truth from the Word of God

Brethren, yes, I get it. The world is bombarding us with 24/7 doom and gloom such as riots, looting, lawlessness, COVID 19, political corruption, wars, terror, and all other forms of Godlessness you can imagine. People are losing their jobs for speaking out against such evils, churches are being fined for meeting, and even the United States Supreme Court upheld a violation of the 1st amendment, limiting the number of people that can attend a church service.

We believers are under attack from all sides and angles. Sadly, many believers are not even aware that they are being distracted and conditioned for something with a hidden agenda. Indeed, many genuine believers are drowning in fear. We would expect this from the unsaved people of the world as the events of the day are hopeless to them. But, why are many in the church cowering in fear? From pastors and elders…

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Comments on: "Be afraid… Be VERY Afraid! NO, Don’t Be!" (4)

  1. Why? I reckon that people (believers or no) are afraid of 4 things:

    1) The Unknown
    2) Things they can’t control
    3) God may have abandoned them
    4) The end may be near and they’re not ready

  2. Only looking to Him will we be not afraid

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