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the power of color

And this is all that matters.


The problem with racism as the new thought-crime is that it’s not really about race,
or skin colour, it’s about power using colour.
When I look at someone, I see character not colour.

Dr. Gavin Ashenden

A page from Moses Harris’s The Natural System of Colors. Image via Wikimedia Commons.

As a high school art teacher, I always taught a color theory unit to my Art I classes
before letting everyone jump right into using color…be it colored pencils, pastels, paints, etc.
Color was much more complicated than just grabbing some paint and a brush…
and my anxious charges needed to understand such.

We would explore the whole physiology of how our eyes and brain see color and perceive color.
We talked about prisms, refraction and the bending of light.

We would talk about what it meant to be color blind…as several of my students were color
blind and how’d…

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  1. I posted a comment that is not here. Did you censor or did WP censor?

  2. Not me?? . I did not expect WP to get in on it. Censoring is getting out of hand

  3. In the end we are all human beings…made in the image of God

  4. “I see character not colour.” . . . . Those are the exact words I use too. They come from my heart.
    I don’t see someone as a colour. I see the person they are. The thing which troubles me very greatly is one question:- ‘Why aren’t other people like this too?’

    I’ve missed seeing you so very much while I’ve been away from Blog land, and am so happy to be able to come back and re-connect. I’ve been away for what seems like years and years, and have missed an awful lot of my favourite peoples posts. Unfortunately, real life and some health issues became a ‘thing’ and I just couldn’t fit in some stuff, so they had to be put on the back burner until I was able to pick them back up and ‘start all over again’ (as the song goes!).

    Sending you much love and millions of missing hugs ~ Cobs. xxx

    • well… I thought I commented on this but don’t see it any where. Cob …you can’t even imagine how much you have been missed . You have missed a lot too but that isn’t what is important. the thing is…we have been worried sick. You are dearly loved by some of us and we have cried buckets over you being missing. Hearing from you has may my day a lot brighter …with this storm in my front yard. Love to ….and WELCOME BACK.

      • I’m going to try to work out how I can find your email address, and email you from my personal email addy, and that way you will always have a definite way of contacting me if ever you need to.

        I’m so dreadfully sorry to have caused you so much worry. It won’t happen again.

        Right …. I’m off to work out how to find your email address so that I can email my personal email address to you.
        Sending much love ~ Cobs. xxx

  5. You have no idea how much you have been missed.We will catch up . Love you

  6. Oh …look …I did comment and haven’t completely lost my mind.

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