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My dear brother Ricky W. Roldan of Urban Reformed Podcast is a blessing to me.  He recently taught a four part series over Zoom to believers in India.  This series was setup and hosted by B.O.A.T a Christian ministry in India.

I’m always glad to see Presuppositonal apologetics taught in different countries and context.  Actually I’m glad to see the Bible and the Gospel and a Biblical worldview is taught in various cultures and countries!

Here’s the series:

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Comments on: "4 Lectures on Presuppositional Apologetics by Ricky Roldan" (3)

  1. Thanks for reblogging this! Also thanks for your comments on my blog of that book review sister!

  2. You are welcome .I just feel that if someone goes to the trouble to post something the least I can do is hit like.

  3. Scheduling this on Twitter!

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