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So then, does it surprise you that corruption is entrenched not only in political establishments, but social as well. The United States I believe is corrupted beyond repair. I really do not foresee any revival coming. In-fact, I believe the near future will unleash further rounds of abominations that are normalized. What is next? Pedophilia? […]

Judgement Is Coming to America — Absolute Truth from the Word of God

Comments on: "Judgement Is Coming to America — Absolute Truth from the Word of God" (6)

  1. I agree. I do still believe this mess is in the hands of God and those who have taken over will fail. I see the “big picture” on what’s happening in the world. There are evil people with great power and money that have been seeking to destroy America for some years. The Great World Order is not a myth. It is here and it is now.

  2. it isn’t over just yet as more news comes out and our God will not be mocked.

  3. Should you ever hear a politician tell the truth, then you may want to look for the other 3 Horseman.

  4. Our country is in such a mess

  5. I agree. We have turned a corner and it is too late to return without extreme violence or God;s wrath.

  6. I agree and wrote something similar recently.

    Blessings for speaking the truth.

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