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A New Life

Being a stay-at-home mother just doesn’t get the appreciation that it used to. Seems like with the women’s movement during the 20’s thru 50’s, many women now almost get looked down upon for staying home in a domesticated role. Not everyone sees it this way of course.

Being a good mom was all I’ve ever wanted to be. Some of my fondest childhood memories consist of pushing my doll in a stroller. Or waiting impatiently to get my first Cabbage Patch doll equipped with her very own birth certificate! I also have memories of taking a 2 liter pop bottle and transforming it into my “child”, until it became too heavy and awkward to lug around. 😏

I choose to stay home for the simplest of reasons. To be there for my children. To mold them and shape them into what I believe they can become. Good mothers and wives…

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