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It IS Persecution…

Pay attention

See, there's this thing called biology...

I need to say this on account of having once been a minimizer, a denialist, made of teflon really, a rock and prone to not acknowledge those wounds that seem trivial at first glance. Don’t dismiss that kind of stuff, don’t pretend it doesn’t matter.

Also, I saw all the recent mockery, all the social media eye rolling about how Christians think they’re persecuted in the West and how they don’t even know what persecution is and they’re all just a bunch of snowflakes. Well, just because they say it, doesn’t make it true. Christians ARE persecuted in the West. It’s primarily psychological, emotional, and financial abuse, but that can be even worst, even harder to see and harder to cope with, and harder to heal from.

Not long ago someone spoke about bullying in high school and how awful this one guy was, tossing a kid in a dumpster…

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  1. This is a great post from IB. Thanks for sharing the good news of Jesus.

  2. Good post from IB!

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