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Power of the Holy Spirit

See the source imageThe word of God is real.God has laid certain moral imperatives. They all revolve around love. That is the way of Jesus.

What then should the followers of Jesus have to say about God’s ways? Should we influence government and be involved with politics to do so? For example, what about these historical issues?

  • Advocating for outlawing infanticide, child abandonment, and abortion in the Roman Empire (in AD 374)
  • Granting of property rights and other protections to women throughout history; prohibiting the burning alive of widows along with their dead husbands in India (in 1829)
  • Outlawing the painful  and crippling practice of binding young women’s feet in China (in 1912)
  • Followers of Jesus played a major role in the struggle against slavery. In fact, two-thirds of the leading American abolitionists in the mid–1830s were Christian clergymen who were preaching “politics” from the pulpit, saying that slavery should be abolished.
  • In…

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  1. Thanks for spreading the good word. Blessings.

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