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Power of the Holy Spirit

Here is some great news. Progress is being made in keeping families together with both parents. Praise Jesus!

The percentage of high school seniors who were raised by both biological parents throughout childhood saw a major increase during the last decade, according to a new study that says the tide is turning on the supposed demise of the nuclear family.

The report by Nicholas Zill of the Institute for Family Studies found that 53.1 percent of high school seniors in 2019 were living with both biological parents, an increase from 51.3 percent in 2016 and 49.7 percent in 2012. That section of the report is based on data from the National Household Education Survey.

Just as significant, the report said, the uptick involved multiple racial groups, including whites, blacks and Hispanics. The “tide is turning,” Zill said.

“It is too early to say for certain but growing numbers…

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Comments on: "Percentage of Teens Raised by Mom and Dad Sees Major Increase in Report: the ‘Tide Is Turning’ " (4)

  1. Thanks for sharing this! Blessings.

  2. My personal observation says this is fake news, but maybe I just hang around the wrong crowds.

  3. Encouraging

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