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Serve Him in the Waiting

A Scottish worker working with a crew to install the 5G towers and all the electronics that go in it, and when he opened it, this is what he saw:

The worker uses the F-word several times, but I needed to provide the source so you know I didn’t make this up. The picture is a screenshot. It is only distinct and clear for a few seconds of the video, so pay attention!

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Comments on: "Why does this 5G transmission module have this on it?" (13)

  1. It’s a hoax, Beverly. No demons. Best you check these things before you make yourself look a bit silly?

  2. Oh, and the worker is from Liverpool, not Scotland.

  3. You never know these days. I do think 5G is dangerous.

    • As are nuclear power plants. What is your point?
      The video is a hoax.
      A piece of conspiracy theory nonsense. Spreading such rubbish is potentially dangerous and simply plays on peoples’ fears.

      And demons? Really, Beverly? For goodness’ sake!
      You are an educated grown woman, not some uneducated backwater hick living in the middle ages.

  4. Oh, and the blog you linked to … the host just banned me for some reason.

  5. Timelesslady said:

    Thank you for posting. I appreciate reading about all possible avenues and alleys that are making inroads into our culture and everyday life now. When Covid came along, because I had read many sources of information, I knew about the virus and was prepared with dry goods/natural medicines and an at-the-ready mental attitude before other people even heard about it. Whether or not 5G is linked to it doesn’t matter to me. I want to have an open attitude about all possibilities. I found the remarks by Ark to be very disrespectful and they seem to be what is often called ‘trolling.’

    • Timelesslady said:

      5G is reported to be very dangerous. That does matter to me.

    • Hello from the UK

      Well said. I am not sure about 5G myself not having looked into it closely. I do know microwaves can be an issue and seem to react with plastic. Given the amount of plastics around and sometimes in our bodies, there is sufficient warrant to look at the matter closely.

      I believe that our bodies are finely tuned electromagnetic fields and chemical compositions can be changed by the various nasty chemicals around. This may well include the vaccines for Covid 19. Use of 5G may merely add to these effects.

      Ark is certain a troll. They are afraid of the light, so if you tell them the truth they will run away. I have had a few words just now with him (at least I assume it’s a him as you can’t be too sure nowadays).

      Kind regards

      Baldmichael Theresoluteprotector’sson

      • Timelesslady said:

        Thanks so much. I appreciate the encouragement. I usually hesitate to say much when people act badly through blog comments. I think I spoke up because I respect this blogger and her kind words on my own blog posts. She did not deserve the comment of this blogger/troll.

      • My pleasure and I quite agree. Whilst I have not read much on this bloggers website, I considered it reasonable to voice concerns on 5G and the video seems genuine and worth considering. I hate to see such nastiness to such things.

        I double checked Ark’s website and realised he is an atheist and while he is welcome to his own views and to state them, mere scoffing without justification is just plain ridiculous.

        There are more dangerous people though, I have found one site where I suspect the blogger is a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

        Yours Baldmichael

  6. Disrespectful?
    To promote something that is so obviously false as this COV 19 nonsense claim featured in this ridiculous video is monumentally disrespectful to all doctors, nurses, surgeons, chemists, virologists, every ambulance worker, every hospice care person, in fact every front-line worker putting their lives on the line.
    And this is something you should darn well consider if, your god forbid, you end up in hospital because of your disrespect for this potentially deadly virus.

    • Dear Ark

      Yes, disrespectful. You should try politeness some time, but then you seem to come from South Africa so I imagine you are a bit of a bore (sic). I hear they can be like that and rather self-opinionated.

      But then many were of German ancestry so we should expect that. After all you don’t start two world wars and then this one, this war of words, without being rather dim and arrogant.

      Covid 19 is the ‘flu, internal toxicosis of the body, principally urea, partly due to metabolism of food and partly due to the many poisons in our environment which can and do enter our bodies in the air, food and water.

      These toxins include the vaccines which anybody with a brain and critical thinking can work out.

      There are a lot doctors, nurses etc. standing out against the Covid 19 nonsense; i.e. it is no more than the ‘flu dressed up to be a monster. It is amazing how much lies can deceive people but then the Nazis who started WW2 as well as the current WW3 liked lying, the bigger the better.

      Your gravatar name is interesting. Ark reminds me of the archangel Lucifer who was kicked out of heaven for his wickedness. I call him Loopy Lucy now. You are not related by any chance?

      I am sorry to read you are scared of the ‘flu, I rather assumed you were a grown man. Anyway, no one need be afraid of the ‘flu which is not that deadly compared to cardiovascular disease for example if you can be bothered to look at the statistics.

      Of course having a poisonous vaccine won’t help, which is why people in significant numbers are having serious side effects including death. The Nazis were never too bothered about deaths of course, let alone side effects.

      I do recommend boosting your vitamin D although in South Africa this shouldn’t be a problem if you get into the sunshine and do the right things.

      But then should you merely be a troll as someone has suggested, then if you come into the light you will be turned to stone, or stein as it is in German

      I trust that clears that up for you.

      Kind regards

      Baldmichael Theresoluteprotector’sson

      • Judging by your poor grammar and composition English is likely not your first language so some slack will be given.

        The post is based on a hoax. Period.

        The rest of your reply is simply nonsense.

        FWIW. I am as English as they come.

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