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Years ago, when I used to watch TV and movies regularly (gave those up in 2008), I watched a movie called “While You Were Sleeping” (1995).

The story line is this: A woman who worked as a ticket seller at the “L” in Chicago had a secret crush on one of the commuters. He fell off the platform, so she came to the rescue and saved his life. Now he was in a comatose state, and then someone mistook her for his fiancé, and his family “adopted” her. She tried to tell them the truth, and then it was hard to tell them the truth because she now had a family she never had before.

The man then awakened from his comatose state only to be told by his family that this woman was his fiancé. But he didn’t remember her. So, his family decided that he must have amnesia…

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Comments on: "Walk Not in the Counsel of the Ungodly" (1)

  1. I cannot remember if I ever had Amnesia.

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