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Here we are! 

Until you have bee in her shoes…

Serve Him in the Waiting

Well, it’s been quite an educational experience as I have been navigating waters through hospital, rehab, and insurance with Mom. We all know that the system is in dire straits, and we know there are those that would have computers and machines replace humans in every aspect of the workforce, but did you know managed care payment is all determined by algorythm? Thankfully there are also Quality Improvement Organizations that make provision for independent review of the computer-generated decisions. If you aren’t familiar with what I am talking about, well, be thankful.

Managed care came along because of waste and fraud. QIO came along because managed care can get overzealous and unreasonably stingey with the benefits you pay for, and refuse to cover your individual need based on aggregated data of a pool of patients of similar profile. So much for personalized medical care!

But the Lord has seen fit…

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