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Power of the Holy Spirit

Increasingly we are hearing stories like this from parents. It is heartbreaking. We need to listen and act to stop the evil lies. Charlie Jacobs is the pen name of a California wife and mother of two teenagers. Until recently, she worked part time in a professional capacity, but is now dedicated to educating other parents about how gender ideology can overtake a child.

My daughter’s story is no longer novel. Stories like it are occurring in your state, your town, and perhaps even on your street. Gender dysphoria — the incongruence between the mind and the body — moves stealthily and quickly to invade girls and boys alike.

But this isn’t a cautionary tale. It’s a warning.

Pretty in Pink

My daughter was an ultrafeminine girl since birth. She insisted that her room be painted pink, and she refused to wear anything but dresses until third grade. She avoided…

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Comments on: "What I’ve Learned Rescuing My Daughter From Her Transgender Fantasy" (3)

  1. There is no amount of indoctrination, teaching, lying, or convincing me that I have romantic feelings for a male. None. Follow the science, and my biology trumps their “woke”.

  2. Thanks for spreading the good news of Jesus.

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