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Save the lemon tree

It is finely here…cooler fall weather . Yes I  have had to turn on some heat and the dog looks like she would like to be in instead of out but not just yet Babe. Now Journey End Farm isn’t much of a farm since the farmer left but there is still the lemon tree. This poor tree must have a will to live because it has almost died several times. One year the cold did get it and a good bit of the tree really did die. Then for a couple of years there were no blooms and the bugs were really bad. But…this year there are BIG beautiful lemons and a lot of them. Couple of dozen or so. Here are two pictures taken after I managed to clean out around the tree and water it really well so I could close up the hoop house (green house). The hoop house has been and still is in need of a revamp which I feel is in the very near future. It hasn’t been in full production in several years and there are changes coming. The buckets are under heavy branches for support . That is how big and heavy the fruit is.

The second picture shows the bay tree in the background that is trying to grow out the top. I think I thought it would be a bush when I planted it years ago. This is one reason there are changes coming.What a mess my hoop house is in.

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