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I did it. With the help of my friend  Pam Rigdon over at Cedar Thicket LLC., handmade soaps and personal care products, we put together an ETSY shop for Lateblooming Designs. Yea! (You can teach an old dog new tricks. )

Ya’ll know my tech skills are rather lacking but Pam came to the rescue and bingo. I know I’ve been kinda slow in  blog land but there is a new post  in the works. I do hope you are enjoying all of the wonderful repost lately because they are good and like I’ve said before…Time is short so we got to get our act together.

Please head over to and give me a “heart” Now if only I could remember how to do the heart on this post.

New followers…thanks for checking in and please have patience with me. I really do enjoy you being here and I promise I will do better with the posting thing.

Happy Valentine Day ….which is almost over but hey…Love every body every day!

Don’t forget…This is the Lords day…Rejoice!

Love you all, beverly aka lateblooming designs