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Back At It

It really is harder than I wanted it to be..getting back into watercolor that isn’t a card or from markers. But here is what is bothering me: Maybe I’ve just forgotten it’s been so long but maybe I need new supplies…sounds like an excuse…so I’ll just keep at it and hope for improvement…..soon. The water pump on the left  is in my back yard. It doesn’t pump water, just for ‘yard’ art and there is a story here. A long time ago when we first started working in farming we toyed with the idea of having a composting toilet in our cabin.  My sister gave the pump to me for Christmas one year and said anyone who didn’t care for indoor plumbing need a water pump. I love the old pump and it goes where we go. There is a picture of the real pump below.  On the right is my rendition of the fabric on my grandmothers old sofa that is now in my house. It must have been pretty wild for the times. There is a picture of the fabric too. Do give this watercolor month ago. You’ll enjoy it even if it doesn’t turn up in the Louvre.