Beverly Parkison aka Lateblooming Designs


Any one reading this blog has probably figured out I am having trouble learning the ropes. I’ll get there but some things are out of my control. Like not being able to get the pictures from the camera to the blog without a serious headache.

Oh… the weather has been sooo nice. Cool at night which means no air con. needed and very comfortable during the day. We went to the Square Affair this morning. Crafts and “old” cars with a truck or two  are always fun to visit. Not sure I want to join the circus of craft fairs. Didn’t seem to be many people buying and it is expensive to sit these things up. Some of the vendors came from a long way and I do hope someone bought more than I was able to.

Do have plants ready to put in the garden next week. It is going to be another beautiful weather week I think. Of course “they” could change it over night. Happens often. Rose Bud store carries Bonnie plants and they look good ,we will see what happens. The last two years of gardens have been duds. We really need for the garden to do really well this year.

Ok..I’m out of her for tonight.  Sleep well and remember tomorrow is the Lords day ( just like every day) Rejoice!

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