Beverly Parkison aka Lateblooming Designs

Day three

So very Grateful turned out to be a big mess for me. Again, wrong stamp image. Should have taken more time and come up with something but got discouraged. I do love the  way Dawns falling leaves turned out. I did sprits my water but my pigments just don’t spread. Could be the paper or could be the paint or could be just me. Will have to work on this.

Lifting:  So Very grateful (rose)  Dawn does this so easily. I’m still blaming the supplies but I’m’ also sure someone else could take them and make a masterpiece. I did manage to get some lifting.  LOL  “Don’t rush when painting a flower like this”. Dawn is right. This is probably my biggest problem.

Building a scene:   Oh goodness…this was a nightmare. Really! None of my stamps are suitable for a scene.This poor little Super hero is all I could come up with and the background is a smudgy mess. (where is Sandy Allock when I need her? She did something like this and it way great.) Oh well… more to keep trying.




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