Beverly Parkison aka Lateblooming Designs

#Watercolor day 4

Everything:  Oh Shari, I don’t have a coffee cup any where. I know how popular they have been and they do crop up everywhere but now on my shelf. My brain went to sleep on the one.

Thinking of you my friend: Tasmini did a sweet number here and I do have a bicycle stamp!  Again more work needed . Wet on wet doesn’t mean flood zone.


Autumn notecard:  Oh dear…Sandy ( Miss perfection) In my dreams can I do what she  does. Love Sandy Allnocks work. Again, nothing to compare. My stamp collection, though pretty extensive is lacking . Will try this another time.

Hello:  Now, I really thought this was going to be apiece of cake. No! Messy, but after  a bit of work it is passable. Splatters always help.






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