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Well…Did that make sense. Some day I will learn how to do this blog thing.

Anyway UKmaryanne  has a great deal of talent and I have copied several of her post in the past. I have made each of the grands Kennedy word books and other cute ideas she came up with.The craziest was the three tiered card. Oh goodness I must have been crazy to think It would turn out as good as hers. Good thing no one around here knows the difference.

Now she is into book folding . I have got to learn this …it is awesome.

On another note:  check out  #thedailymarker30day color challenge.  I’m trying..?Hdscn1609

Comments on: "Cont." (3)

  1. WOW! Ok … I need to find that blog so that I can play along!
    This is BEAUTIFUL Beverly. Well done you clever thing.
    Heaps of love ~ Cobs. x

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