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My Version of woyww

What’s on your workplace Wednesday is a real web site that my friend Maryanne at introduced me to years ago. Now my version isn’t official but here goes.dscn1611

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  1. Coooo! Great colouring!
    It looks Illuminated. Like an Illuminated Manuscript or Illuminated Text in a Bible.

    I’m so envious of anyone who colours with pens, inks, crayons etc. I just can’t find that required ‘thing’ which will make me sit still long enough to just colour. I want to .. but even though I say I want to … a voice comes back inside my head which says… “Really??? Are you really, really sure???”

    tsk tsk. Naughty voice!
    🙂 Sending oodles of love ~ Cobs. x

    • Me too. They (who ever they are ) say coloring is stress free and a time for kicking back and relaxing, I’m not so sure. What color goes where, why did they do this , where does this finish, this isn’t right. So many thoughts go through my simple confused mind. The print is from Colorit if any one wants to play. They are sending out a free print every couple of day for now.

      • Well … I think your colouring is really rather good, and it honestly really does remind me of Illuminated Texts. It has that richness and warmth from a glow which those types of texts have.

        I have an Illuminated Text which was done by hand, – (not mine) – and I absolutely adore it. It used to hang in our bedroom in our old cottage. But here in the new place (we’ve lived here 5 years and I’m still calling it the new place) … I have this framed text in the porch, and I see it whenever I leave or enter the house. Love it dearly.

        Keep going with the colouring. We are our own worst critics. We only see what we believe to be the ‘faults’. Where-as people looking on, see no faults, just wonderment and excellence. So don’t stop doing it.
        Sending you my love ~ Cobs. x

  2. Wink of and silver as well as clear = MAGIC

  3. That is Beautiful! Sure looks like a lot of work! I love all the colors, and shading! I keep going back and looking at all the beautiful ornaments, leaves, everything!

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