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Good Grief…Rats

Well this new year is starting out kinda pitiful.. My #1 son, the one with the big birthday coming up, cut down a big cedar tree. It was dead and his wife wants to fashion a beautiful mantel for their fireplace. It will be really cool if it all works out, but now here is the pitiful part…poison ivy.  Yep…growing all over the trunk. Even though I didn’t help with the falling he did stop by here and yes I stupid me touched one of the vines. They are dead right.?Wrong…poison ivy never dies. Now I don’t have a life threaten case of it but good grief I really could have done with out this challenge. Yes, he got some too.

Now that  Christmas,New Year and Thank Yous are out of the way it’s time to come up with a gift box of cards . My sweet thoughtful cousin who does so much for so many people is always sending a box of goodies this way.Sometimes it is for the Grands;coloring books, paints, reading books, games even a couple of rag dolls  that I made a dress for and was part of the girls Christmas. My winter project, well some day project since winter is here, is a doll house, really a miniature house . I’ve always wanted one to distress and make  look real only small. She sent that too. One that she or someone had started but never really got into it. Any way …she needs a box of cards since that’s about all I can do for her.

Did I tell you earlier that on her last visit, her husband was an angel and put down a new floor in my parents bath and a roof frame over my back porch? Well…the roof is finished and the rain on the tin today was wonderful. We have a metal roof on the house but because of the insulation we can’t hear the rain and now Babe can stay out of the rain and sit in the chair that come Spring  I will sit in to read or draw or just watch nature.  Life can be so good sometimes.

Here is proof I have her on my mind and have at least made a start. Watercolor! Always has been my interest but adding it to cards is really fun.

dscn1627Next blog I’ll catch up with other projects I remembered to take a picture of. This is something I need to work on. I’m just too eager to get things sealed up and out to the mailbox.     Remember..this is the Lords day…. Rejoice     Til next time xoxo




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  1. I have never tried watercolor for cards. You are going to have to do a tutorial or something!
    I am also doing a winter project. My husband and I took cupboards out of a house that is going to be torn down. I am painting them and they are going to go into my laundry/craft room. I am so excited for them to be done and in so I can organize my craft stuff.
    So sorry to hear about the poison ivy! I have a feeling that is painful.

    • This watercolor is really simple. Just dot a few reinker dots ,spray with water and smush the paper around. Dry and smush again.
      The skin rash isn’t painful but does itch. Apple cider vinegar helps. This was just such a stupid mistake.
      About 20 years ago we cut in half an old house and moved it to our family farm. I totally understand the tearing down and redoing. Still an old house but it is HOME.

      • I will have to try the watercolor thing.
        If you have Lavender essential oil that might also help with the skin. Apple cider vinegar is always a good choice.
        Wow on moving 1/2 a house! Pretty much everything in our house has been a do it yourself project. Which is why it is still not completely done.

  2. Ooh ouchy!!! on the poison Ivy. Thank Heavens that it’s only a little patch. Try not to touch it Beverly.

    I would LOVE to see the mantel your daughter in law makes … I can only imagine what it might look like. I’ve never seen one made from an old tree before, so it would be a wonder to behold!

    I’m loving the crafting with watercolour card … and would love to see what you made. So … you have to put a big note at the back of your desk saying: TAKE A PHOTOGRAPH BEFORE YOU SEND IT! … and with a bit of luck it might work on your conscience every now and again! lol
    Sending ooodles of love and warm hugs ~ Cobs. x

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