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Big Oak Down

Thanks to Central Electric Power the big oak in my parents front yard is no longer . She had been losing branches almost every day for a while and we were really thinking the next big storm….Booom ..and she would be in the middle of the house.  Things will be different but hopefully a lot safer. Now for the clean up. Anyone need firewood? We have plentydscn1635

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  2. You need to choose a piece of that fabulous tree, and either have a go at making something yourself, or get one of the boys to make you something out of the wood. Then varnish it with several thin coats of varnish. The memories and stories of that tree will then be passed down from you, through your children, to their children … and so on. If you have photo’s of the tree from when you were younger right the way through to the photo you’ve shared with us above, you could make a whole scrap book about the tree so that the story is always there with the photos!

    FANTASTIC photo Beverly. It holds so much history.
    Sending love, as always ~ Cobs. x ❤

  3. Well…the tree was here when my parents bought the farm our neighbor says it was there when he was 6years old and he is almost 80i think. Power co. Measured it at 5’7″. How would we ever dry the wood for use? It would take forever even in our summer heat.

  4. Hi Beverly, it’s Dawn from over at Stamping Peace. What a feat to get that tree down!!! We heat with wood but we’re all stacked up for this season.
    P.S. Got a good photo of those last projects on the blog and edited the post!

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