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One Last Time

My laptop is back from the Dell fix it shop and I am learning how to use it again. Some things changed and since tech isn’t my thing the going is rough  some days.  Of course all of my pictures are gone , well not all but a fair amount , but there will be others. Now I need to remember to backup more often.

While the laptop was missing I missed posting about valentines.Since my husband is no longer here I really hadn’t thought about a Valentine card for him.  I made simple little cards for the grands and then a poem that stated so perfectly my feelings came across on facebook. I get these every few days from  Lovely thoughts.  Well I just had to do one last Valentine for my love.dscn1676

It’s very simple: a broken heart on a flower background that opens.  The poem inside is the reason I needed to make one more.dscn1677

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  1. Dearest Beverly ….
    I read your Valentine to your darling, and my bottom lip began to tremble at the second line. By the time I’d read to the end I was crying and couldn’t speak.

    I wish, ohh how I wish, that I could wave a wand or do something which would give you another day, another hour, another moment with your beloved. But you will have this. One day. There is obviously still much for you to do here on earth and this is why you still have to keep on keeping on. I don’t know what your required to do, but … perhaps it’s to be there for your grandchildren, or for your own children.

    Or perhaps you are here with us on earth because there is someone else, who perhaps hasn’t crossed your path yet, who’s life will be enriched by you being in it.

    In the meantime my beautiful friend… continue to climb Kilimanjaro, and remind yourself that God has a plan which you are part of. None of us are privileged to know what is on that plan or how that plan runs. But we must continue to keep our trust and our faith, and help each other along the way…. and encourage each others climb, whatever mountain we’re on.

    I adore the Valentine. Thank you for sharing it with us all.
    Sending you my love. ❤ Cobs. xxx

    • I can always count on you for encouragement. I really am fine…last week was a bummer but it finally ceases and life comes back to …OK I can do this. Love you for being you.

      On Fri, Feb 24, 2017 at 5:38 PM, moreinkpleaseblog wrote:


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