Beverly Parkison aka Lateblooming Designs

Every one take note.Today starts the 7th ,30 day color challenge and every one is invited to join in the fun. Just grab a pencil,or marker or ink or any thing that colors and get with it.

Go to #Thirty Day color Challenge at Kathy Racoosin TheDaily Marker . Runs from March 1-March 30



Comments on: "Ready-Set-Go Thirty day color challenge" (4)

  1. That sounds like a great challenge! I will see if I can find # Thirty Day Color Challenge đŸ™‚ xx I sure love the variety of pages you have to color!

  2. Thanks Ruthie. I’m getting mine ready for card fronts but if you look at the awesome talent coming into the challenge some people are really “out to impress” and I am impressed. They are really good. Hope it doesn’t scare off newbies.

  3. I hope they do this challenge another time! This month is just not a good one for a 30 day challenge. This looks like fun!

  4. She isn’t, looking for masterpieces. Just 5 min. A day to sit and relax and color. I know, 5 min. Can seem like Alice time sometime. I am not good at keeping up but will try this time.

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