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Today is Sunday

Today is Sunday but I thought it was yesterday. When I woke up in the early morning hours yesterday I fully thought it was Sunday and was thinking of a simple,quite day with not much to do. After getting on with the day and getting around to checking email and such I came to realize it wasn’t Sunday at all but Saturday. The PC doesn’t lie about such thing. But I was totally out of the mood to do any thing of value. These things happen to me quite often lately. I know the reason behind this pitiful situation but only know to roll with it and eventually things level out and get back to normal…what ever that is.

Now we….several of us bloggers…are into this World Watercolor  and I have given it a go ,but it is really nerve racking when things don’t go well. Like today. My Crocosmia are in bloom. They are as tall as I am almost which granted isn’t to very tall and I so wanted to do them justice. I have recently been looking into watercolor again after a long  dry spell. What I have learned is how important it is to use good artist quality paints and paper. I don’t really have that so I’m using that as an excuse. Now I know a real artist wouldn’t have any problems but like I said ….it’s been along dry spell. Any way this is a picture in the natural setting of my garden which you will remember my dog has taken apart in places.DSCN1874

Well….there was more but it has disappeared. Sorry.DSCN1876

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  1. Dearest Blogging Friend, who I love to pieces….
    The World Watercolour Challenge Month isn’t for brilliant artists only. It’s for EVERYONE, even if you’ve never picked up a paintbrush before, it’s the joining in which is THE THING.

    You and I have both picked up the brushes after a long stay away from painting – both for totally different reasons, but both of us worry that what we’ve produced will be judged as ‘wanting’. But do you know – after I begin to look at my effort and wonder if it’s good enough, I then ask myself: “Good enough for WHO exactly?”

    So ask yourself … who are you worrying about who might judge you as not good enough? Because quite frankly … it doesn’t matter what *they* think. It’s YOU, picking up that paintbrush and as often as you can, spending an hour doing nothing but paint.

    Draw the basic picture of what you want to aim for, so that you have ‘placement’ for leaves or feet or … whatever. Then remind yourself that you don’t have to keep to those drawn lines … you can change something if you feel it could look better if you painted *that* over there …. and *this* here instead.

    It’s your choice. And who cares what the end result is. The important thing is that YOU ARE JOINING IN!

    Please don’t stop trying Beverly. Please do this with me. It’s aaages since I picked up a brush and painted with watercolours. You doing it, is urging me on to try. And I’m hoping that since I’m your friend, that me trying will encourage you to try too.

    I used to adore painting and would paint anything which didn’t sit still long enough. But due to a lower spinal injury, I have some funny funky stuff go on with nerve damage, and one of the things which happens is some minor shakey hands. (Although some days it’s a bit worse but nothing serious). But … having shakey hands for painting is just bl**dy rubbish! So I’m trying my hardest to forget the shakes and instead just enjoy the feeling of picking up the brush and doing it. (Bu*ger the shakes)

    So young lady … pick up that brush and bodly mess around with the paint. Use a plate (if nothing else is available) to blend your colours and just go for it.

    OH … and the watercolour you’ve painted up there …. BRILLIANT! I really love it.

    I can imagine that painting being used as a hand painted card front…. with a sentiment, and then the details of the artist on the reverse of the card – printed out from your computer and cut to size, then hand signed by you – as the artist. THAT would double the price of any card missy!!! An original work of art, signed on the reverse by the artists? BIG BUCKS!

    Love you Beverly ~ Cobs. x

    • …. that was meant to read: “So young lady … pick up that brush and BOLDLY mess around with the paint.”

      Not ‘bodly’ lol. But if you feel like rolling around in the paint and doing a bit of bodly painting … then I would remove your clothes first, because paint can make a right old mess! (do it in your rear garden too, so that you don’t get arrested!) LOLOLOL. xxx

      • Cob you are too funny. I knew what you were saying and that your fingers just got carried away like mine do when I erase everything I’ve written. I hear you and I will ‘keep’ at it but maybe not every day. Goodness…I’m having enough trouble just keeping my head upright these days.
        ps..keep an eye on the post

      • OoooOOOOOoooo…. excited now!!! (yes Seriously!) I get terribly excited when I know something is coming. Like a child waiting for Father Christmas on Christmas Eve. never grew up. tsk tsk. lol

        So long as you do pick up that paintbrush then that’s fine with me. Don’t leave me in this thing all by myself. I need a friend to hold hands with.

        Sending you oodles of love and squidges ~ Cobs. xxx ❤

  2. Beverly that looks awesome!! I do know what you mean about getting the days mixed up. I have done that often.

  3. This happens to be a lot…. lol… love your garden

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