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Today is Sunday

Today is Sunday but I thought it was yesterday. When I woke up in the early morning hours yesterday I fully thought it was Sunday and was thinking of a simple,quite day with not much to do. After getting on with the day and getting around to checking email and such I came to realize it wasn’t Sunday at all but Saturday. The PC doesn’t lie about such thing. But I was totally out of the mood to do any thing of value. These things happen to me quite often lately. I know the reason behind this pitiful situation but only know to roll with it and eventually things level out and get back to normal…what ever that is.

Now we….several of us bloggers…are into this World Watercolor  and I have given it a go ,but it is really nerve racking when things don’t go well. Like today. My Crocosmia are in bloom. They are as tall as I am almost which granted isn’t to very tall and I so wanted to do them justice. I have recently been looking into watercolor again after a long  dry spell. What I have learned is how important it is to use good artist quality paints and paper. I don’t really have that so I’m using that as an excuse. Now I know a real artist wouldn’t have any problems but like I said ….it’s been along dry spell. Any way this is a picture in the natural setting of my garden which you will remember my dog has taken apart in places.DSCN1874

Well….there was more but it has disappeared. Sorry.DSCN1876