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My Sister the Artist

A whilw back my grandson came through and ask..”Bebe..What is that?” He was looking up..on top of the hall book case and saw this.

DSCN1937You may be wondering too. This is a piece my sister did while in art school at Mississippi Southern.(Univ.Southern Mississippi  today) She called it “a habitat for small animals”. You know how animls find what they need to establish a safe home for themselves and their young. Here is a closer look.DSCN1939.JPG

Can’t you just see a momma rabbit and her young finding this a safe place? Becky was the real artist in our family. She was studying art education and because of her health challenges was in need of open heart surgery before going into practice teaching. The doctors in Houston, while world renowned, were not able to give her her wish. She was only 23 years old when she left us and it left a hole on our family. These holes get patched but never filled. Today she would have been 70 years old…Is hard to imagine. Here are a couple more of her works.DSCN1949DSCN1944

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  1. What lovely ways to remember her by, Beverly. Very nice pieces of art indeed.

  2. Such beautiful artwork! Breaks my heart that she left at such a young age.. It is wonderful to have her artwork, and reflecting on her humor. Sounds like such a lighthearted spirit! Thank you for sharing with us! All kinds of critters could hide in that first piece of artwork! XX

  3. I have a feeling that Becky and I would have got along. I get a feel for her through her artwork and she feels so light and airy. So joy filled and just a truly beautiful person…. but with a great love of fun and humour. I feel that she would have found the joy in every moment. A tragic loss to the world.

    Thank you so much Beverly for sharing her artwork with us. It’s such a priveledge to know her via you. She was a wonderful artist. I can only imagine what the heavenly clouds look like where she now resides, for I think that she’ll never tire of painting beautiful pictures on them.
    God Bless, Beverly.
    Cobs. xxx

    • How sweet Cob. She was a lot of fun .She made my husband laugh and that was priceless. He loved her because she didn’t take… of any one.

      • No … I cannot imagine her doing that either.

        I so wish she were alive today.
        But … God must have needed her in his heavenly army of artists.

        Doesn’t make the pain of having her missing from daily life any easier though.
        Sending you my love Beverly. Lots of it. ~ Cobs. xxx

  4. She was so talented Beverly! I had to grin when I read what you told Cobs….why your husband loved her! She sounds like she was a wonderful, talented, very sparkly person. I have no doubt her passing so long ago still leaves a hole in the fabric of your family.

  5. I’m the 3 daughter! I have some of her art too! I was at home when they left for Houston. I rember crying all morning!! I did get to see her in the hospital before Becky died but that morning I knew ! Just like I knew when I got the message she had been put on a brezthing tube. Got on a plane and flew out the next morning. I still cry!!

  6. oh my-how sad. I think having her art is so special. Artists can not create without giving part of themselves. How beautiful to honor your sister after many years.

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