Beverly Parkison aka Lateblooming Designs

These are in my Mothers yard. See…you never know where they will come up


Comments on: "More ‘ladies’ dancing in the breeze." (7)

  1. They sure are pretty! Please mow around them, I just couldn’t imagine running over them!

  2. Love those “ladies”! And love to see them dance.

  3. Hello Beverly. Susieshy asked me to tell you that her comments to you are not showing up. They might be in your spam.

  4. Didn’t know we had awordpress spam, How do i check?

  5. Aww, love these darling flowers. They seem to pop up to surprise you. How on earth they’ve all seeded (?) themselves in a scattered fashion is a bit of a mystery …. unless… they’ve come via a drop of bird poo, landed in the garden and the seed carried in the poo has settled into the soil and grown.

    Whatever it is … it’s a gift from God and I give thanks for them. Cheerful little darlings.
    GREAT photo Bev. well done you clever thing!
    Sending love ~ Cobs. xxx 🌼

  6. Wow, gorgeous, love this view. It looks gorgeous and peaceful.

    Kathrin —

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