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Orders Coming IN

Lateblooming News Fall 2017

Not sure how this works but here goes. You should be able to click the above link for the news letter. Following pages are the Christmas cards offered for this year. Of course I can always work with you if there is something else you have in mind for “that special person” Orders can be through PayPal if I have your email address. It works really well and I have been very pleased in the past.


They are numbered left to right except fot the bottom picture. It is bottom to left top and right. Photo skills are questionable but if there are any questions…just ask.

Just so you know I have been busy.



Comments on: "Orders Coming IN" (9)

  1. Beautiful cards Beverly, you have been busy! XX

  2. Those are beautiful!

  3. wow! I had no idea-good for you-they are beautiful!

  4. I thought the newsletter would open up…but no…sorry

  5. Can’t get the newsletter to open … so could you perhaps copy and past the contents into another blog post for tomorrow maybe? (just an idea – you don’t have to run with it if you’d rather not)

    MANY Congratulations on setting up your card sales business. Well done Beverly. I’m so proud of you. In fact … so proud you’d think you were one of my children! LOL!

    ALL the cards a beautiful. Well done.
    Love you heaps ~ Cobs. xxx

    • LOL…Your mother maybe. Age my dear…age. But I really can’t lay clam to a sales business just yet. My customers have been here before and I still need to figure our an on-line business. I’m just so slow at learning all this.

  6. You’ll learn. You have the desire. Just do it one step at a time. Baby Steps!
    Love you, whatever age you might be or I feel like you are.
    Love you – unconditionally. ~ Cobs. xxx

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