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Sunshine Blogger Award?

Thank you Whitneyibeblogg for the nomination for the Sunshine Blogger Award  I enjoy reading everyone else and will give the questions a go.

1.What’s your inspiration? My inspiration changes from day-to-day. It might be something in Nature or something seen on the net or even my sweet grands. Life its self should be enough inspiration for us all to do our best.

  1. What is the best thing you’ve done this year? Oh goodness. .I think just getting through the first year after my husbands sudden passing has been my best achievement to date. Until you have been there you just can’t really understand.
  2. Who is your style icon? For blogging I am constantly in awe of the blogs I follow. They have great in site into this crazy world we call home. And their tech abilities surpass mine which are very elementary.
  3. Would you encourage other people to make their blog? Of course. You never know what will happen until you just jump in there and take a stab at it.
  4. If you were to change one thing in your life, what would it be?I really don’t think I would change any thing. I believe we are all where we are for a reason and that our Heavenly Father has everything under control
  5. What is your safe haven? My home, my sons and my grand kids.
  6. What is your favorite meal? Right now food doesn’t have much appeal but maybe Sunday morning waffles. It is just different eating them alone after 50 years.
  7. When are you most productive? I love early morning. One of the blogs I follow calls it her “early service.” I love that.
  8. What do you do in your spare time? Spare time? Rare but I do  like to sit on the porch in the swing and enjoy nature. Good time for my Bible reading and quite time alone with myself and God. This is a funny question for someone my age who really should have all the time in the world. I just need to stay busy to keep my self from falling into a self pity party.
  9. What was the most challenging moment in your blogging journey so far? Getting a blog out there is a challenge. Tech and I just don’t travel in the same circle. LOL
  10. What super power would you want if you could have one? Wouldn’t it be fun to be able to wave a magic wand and change the direction of this crazy world. To make everyone love every one else. To be able to open everyone’s eyes and heart to our loving Heavenly Father.
  11. Well, I’ve run out of space …Thank you Whitney. Your blog is one of my go tos.

Comments on: "Sunshine Blogger Award?" (15)

  1. Congrats!!!!! I’m with you with the magic wand. We need to invite it.

  2. I meant, invent it. Auto correct is killing me.

  3. Congratulations Beverly! XX

  4. I love your blog Beverly! I totally understand the tech skill issue…..I am always so grateful for my kids when it comes to that. They are so very patient…..fortunately!
    Loved learning more about you.

    • This bloging thing is something else ..Teaching an old dog a new trick so to speak. Making new , wonderfully supportive friends is something money can’t buy. Thank you

  5. I love your answers- It makes me happy you love the early service too-my heart really feels sad that you lost your husband suddenly. Please know I am praying for you-I am glad we met-and congratulations!

  6. Nice answers, Beverly. I like your answer to number 10… that magic wand would be really useful at present!

  7. Hello Beverly… Congratulations on being awarded!
    I adore your answers, for each one is honest and tells me more about you and your heart.

    I love all the answers … but my most favourite is the Magic Wand one. Like you, I’d like to change things in the world and replace hate with love. Calm things down and have everyone getting on with each other.

    Love you Miss B. ~ Cobs. xxx

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