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Only Time Will Tell

Well…..I knew it would be bad but only time will tell if she is able to pull herself out of this . The hoop (green ) house isn’t heated and it must have gotten awfully low on those cold nights.Even in cold weather the house can reach 90 degrees or better on a sunny day but even I can tell she took a real bump.But before the temps dropping for the second day I did harvest the remaining fruit. Total 37 lemons. And this was after selling a couple of dozen and giving away to family at least 2 doz and freezing a couple doz. for my self. Was this her ” last Hoorah”> Time will tell.


Comments on: "Only Time Will Tell" (13)

  1. Nature likes to surprise, Beverly, so you never know!

  2. You have a lemon tree in a bucket?? I have never actually seen a real lemon tree so that would be an amazing treat! I hope it survives for you.

    • No…LOL…the bucket was to hold up the heavy branches . The tree is in the ground. We will see if it makes it in the new year. I’ll certainly post the first signs of new life should it appear.

  3. Sometimes, in the midst of winter we fear we’ve lost a much loved plant in the garden which has become [like] an old friend . . . and then, winter turns into spring and spring into summer and that plant can surprise us all when it pops up and says ‘hello’ again.

    Give it chance Bev. Maybe wrap it in some garden fleece, or even bubble wrap, to keep the roots and as much of the plant as you can, slightly warmer than the temperature out there.

    Sometimes …. all we need is a little encouragement to give us a reason to bloom.
    Sending love and sending good thoughts out into the ether, hoping Mother Nature gives her own style of encouragement to the Lemon Tree. ~ C. xxx

  4. Maybe it will come back with a little sunshine and tlc it may surprise you! X

  5. I bet it will drop all its leaves, take a rest, and then put out new ones. It takes more than a bit of freeze to kill the root systems, especially if it was in the ground and not in a pot. I left my potted lemon out too long when my back went out and it turned cold. The leaves looked just like yours when I drug it into the basement. Now it’s showing tiny new bits of green.

  6. Good luck, hope she recovers.

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