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Blessing for Easter

How did things get so mixed up about Easter? Some of us are having our celebrations this weekend and there are some not doing it until next weekend.   Since it relates to Passover which I think starts tonight shouldn’t that be the given time. After all….it was at Passover everything we as Christians keep in our heart to remember the grace of our Lord.,

Eggs don’t roll here like they did when the kids were little. There will be church services,family meals and of course the Bunny will leave more candy. Good excuse to grab a chocolate egg which none of us need. I did come up with several card designs for family members and one for a dear friend having health problems but don’t think I made a picture of that one. Let’s see…now where are those photos?

Don’t laugh…it did take me a few minutes to find them. Most will be hand delivered . As much fun as I am having doing these flowers by Susan’s Garden they are crazy to mail.  I have another batch ready to go to Treelady.  Anyone in Central Mississippi really should visit her and see all of the beautiful plants. It is a very relaxing place to visit and you can grab a hand-made paper crafted flower too.

Until next time….Have a blessed Easter Weekend…Remember it isn’t about the Bunny and sing praises for it is the Lords day. REJOICE for He Lives!

Comments on: "Blessing for Easter" (13)

  1. Beautiful cards Beverly. Each one a work of heart. Love them all.
    Wishing you a peace filled, contented Easter.
    May your soul be filled with everything which makes it happy.
    Sending you much love my friend ~ Cobs. xxx ❤

  2. those cards are so beautiful! They surely come from a beautiful place (your heart). I hope your Easter is lovely-I hope you do find an egg or two. May we all remember the holiness and glory of Easter.

  3. Oh Beverly…you are so talented! Those cards are wonderful. I love the variety.

  4. Beautiful post! It is about Jesus!!!

  5. Beautiful pictures Beverly. I love them. Happy Easter my friend. Blessings to you and yours. 💕

  6. You made some beautiful cards, very lucky recipients! We didn’t go to church on Easter Sunday, but we go to Messy Church every Sunday in term time and on Palm Sunday the churchwardens presented the children with a lovely easter egg that also had a book of the Easter story in. I thought that was a perfect combination!

  7. Your cards are beautiful ! Sure must give you many moments of joy in your craftnig, and in your giving. Well done.

  8. i wish some churches would stop holding easter egg hunts

    confusing the kids…and the adults too

    such lovely cards!

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