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Notorious Babe

IMG_20180402_173229Her name is Sugar Babe but we have always just called her Babe. She came as a replacement for our sweet Tobie .Tobie was ball of fire Pembroke Welsh Corgi. She and my late husband worked the fence around our property and checked the waterline for leaks. Tobie could find the smallest spurt and she knew she was the Queen of JourneyEnd Farm.  She also loved to dig and as a result of that digging contracted Blastomycosis (sp) We had no choice but to let her go over the rainbow. Very sad day.

Now …I have mentioned before that Babe is driving me crazy with her digging. She didn’t start this until after my husband passed . I posted earlier that I had to fence off my flowerbed because she had dug just about every thing up. She is still digging only now it is in the yard. You have to be careful and not fall in. Yes they are large holes and yes I am concerned she may get sick too. I just don’t know what to do about it. Babe is a cross of Corgi (not much) and Mountain Cur. A working dog who doesn’t have any work to do so she cultivates the ground. She can jump to the moon or almost but she has sort of made friends with the grands. This has been an on going relationship of trial and error.


Comments on: "Notorious Babe" (4)

  1. She’s a beauty!

  2. Thanks, but she is a very bad girl.

  3. Bad girl or not …. she’s your baby, and you love her, and she loves you.
    Bless her little heart. ~ Cobs. xxx 😀

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