Beverly Parkison aka Lateblooming Designs

Visit Treeladys Nursery

If you haven’t been you should. Not only will you see beautiful plants but you can get information and advice on all things for your yard and garden.

Now I know those of you from a distance will probably not venture over here but those in the area should. The nursery is a very calming place just to visit and Miss Treelady herself is always so glad for a visit.

You can also shop the gifts and pick up wonderful handmade soap and of course that is where you will find Lateblooming Design handmade paper crafted gardens. Some of these are there.

Plus more. It is always best to support local businesses and local artist. We depend on it.

Need directions? Leave a comment and I will get back to you asap.


Comments on: "Visit Treeladys Nursery" (8)

  1. Nice, Beverly!
    I like the honeycomb design – well, I like them all, but that one stands out more for me!
    The nursery is a little too far for me to venture to, but I’m sure you’ll be getting more visitors soon!

    • Thanks Tom. lol I post these so I can get them to facebook and the locals. Most of my faithful followers are not any where near here.

  2. Oh Beverly….those cards are absolutely beautiful! You are so talented.

  3. Thank you again. Everyone seems to think so but…..

  4. WOW … absolutely beautiful cards Bev…. If I were there, I think I’d buy the lot … but let’s pretend that I only have enough money to buy just one. Which one would I choose… hmmm…

    [goes back and has another look over the cards….]….

    …. aw heck, this is a difficult choice! I love the ‘Sweet Pea’ one with the Wellington Boots – because it’s lots of fun.

    I adore the ‘love’ stamped onto the map, with the tag to the side – as I have a bit of a thing going with maps at the moment.

    Oh crumbs …. I love them all… but which one would I buy …..

    OK.. after yet another look at them all, I think that if I could only buy just one card, I’d probably buy the last one – ‘Plant smiles. Grow laughter. Harvest love.’ – I think that perhaps it’s that one because when I look at it, I can feel the love to a greater degree …. or maybe it’s just that I love your cards which have these complicated flowers on them.
    No, actually … it’s just because I love your cards.

    Forget it … I’d go to the bank, get more money out, come back and buy the lot! 😀

    Great blog post, FANTASTIC cards. Love them all, Beverly… and you, too.
    Big squidges and lots of love ~ Cobs. xxx ❤

  5. Your cards are beautiful !

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