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Blood | Jim Stephens

Reasoned Cases For Christ


OK, I had to do one more. This is another excellent WordPress repost of an article originally authored by Jim Stephens at his website. I’ve previously mentioned that Jim’s site is an excellent source of highly detailed information you wouldn’t ordinarily run into. If you haven’t bookmarked his website, please do. I’m always amazed at what we take for granted and obviously our blood is one that we seldom think about. Enjoy!

I have been reading numerous scientific articles about blood. This information is astounding. There is only one rational conclusion, your body is a walking miracle.

I recommend that those who believe that random chance and “survival of the fittest” can result in such a miracle need to take a step back and examine their motivations. They might ask themselves honestly why they want so badly that evolution be true.

The best current estimate of scientists is that there are 37.2…

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