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Catch Up and A Miss

I don’t know where time goes or what happens to my time but blog time seems to escape routine. It’s not that I have terribily important things to do even though staying busy does help my situation. Busy busy is mostly what goes on here and not much accomplishment. As you can tell from these photos I am behind in sharing my garden….such as it is. We will start with Easter….yep…that far back. My #1 son and DnL gave me this beautiful Gerbera. Not usually being successful with plants like this I have  been really pleased. Already deadheaded three blooms and more keep coming. YeaIMG_20180520_095042

And then there was Mothers Day. My boys are pretty good at calling or even giving me a pretty card but not usually flowers so it was a wonderful surprise when this showed up on my front porch. Son #2 sent them ( this was the bigest surprise). The little bird nest  didn’t look weather proof so after removing it this petunia now hangs on the back porch so I can keep it watered ( I’m bad about letting plants go dry )and enjoy from the kitchen and breakfast room.

Now to the garden…not much but pretty .. The Mothers Day rose ( wild pink ) always blooms for the occasion and the red three Sisters rose is not far behind. The day lilies have just about dissapeared but there were a few.

Easter Lily came in late to the Spring party and then this morning a Cala Lily showed up.

Isn’t Nature wonderful to behold? The roses are struggling  but a few are picture worthy.

After the crazy Winter/Spring mix we have had the fruit trees are still in question. Only one fig has any sign of fruit, the blueberries have never out done themselves and won’t again this year and the Pom?…..well…..again it is beautiful but has never set fruit.


After a short break I will take you on a birthday party extravagancea.  Three for one.

Until then…remember…This is the Lords day….Rejoice and be Glad.

Would enjoy hearing from you….please let me know you were here.







Comments on: "Catch Up and A Miss" (16)

  1. What a GREAT blog post, Bev!
    I wandered around your garden, via your descriptions and photographs, and could, inside my brain, practically smell the grass, the flowers, the air.

    Aww, I felt so refreshed and ready to sit with you and have a coffee by the time we’d done all the flowers.
    Truly lovely post.
    Loved it …. and you. (But then you know that already) 😀
    Squidges and love ~ Cobs. xxx

  2. Oh Beverly I first chuckled about your statement on your blog not being scheduled…neither is mine lately!!! So let’s cut ourselves some slack shall we?
    I love those photos! All of them. I also love that you have a chicken crate!! Have you been holding out???? Are you really a Chicken Grandma also???
    Yes…let us rejoice and be glad…it really is the Lord’s day! so glad to visit you posted Beverly.

  3. Beautiful flowers!

  4. My garden skills leave a lot but I do enjoy being out in my Nature yard.

  5. I was here-and loved every minute of it!! beautiful flowers. Im soon out of school and look forward to catching up with you! love Michele

  6. Hello Sweet Beverly! Thank you for sharing your garden with us! I could stay for an afternoon and take in the beauty of natures gifts! I too have been on, I shall say a hiatus and missed every one bunches! This is the Day the Lord has made, I will rejoice and be glad in it! I surely enjoyed my visit 🙂 XX

  7. Ruthie!! Where have you been?

  8. Nature is beautiful indeed. I agree, wonderful pics, nice post!

  9. the bird nest is so unique!
    precious gifts!


  10. Beautiful garden. I would love to see more of your garden.

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