Beverly Parkison aka Lateblooming Designs

What was I thinking?

A few days back, maybe a week or so, my dear artistic friend over at Cobweboriumemporium challenged me ….well maybe encouraged  is a better word…to give a try to alter a small tin. Mrs Cob does this so very well .She is a master at doing small things well but ….I find my plump fingers get in the way. Any way…I had earlier received a plesant surprise from my friend , the other Beverly. I give the other Beverly credit for pushing my “mojo” back into position after a long many years. This is what I received. See that little english house in the top right corner? Brain storm!


Comments on: "What was I thinking?" (6)

  1. Intriguing, Beverly!
    Brainstorms are fun when they happen, so you have fun and get creating! 😀

  2. I came, I read and I saw that WP posted this before you’d finished …. so I went to part 2, continued to read and commented there.

    Beverly, I think you’re AMAZING! ❤

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