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Why wordpress cut me off I don’t know???But then I don’t know alot about this blog thing.

Any way…Back to the altered tin. After a quick sketch of my idea and finding a tin, a Sucrets tin which is different from Mrs. cobs tin, I was well on my way. Finding some already done paper and then shopping for paper clay I began to craft my creation into being. Now WM didn’t have the clear pour which I really needed so without thinking too hard I decided to use glue…as in hot glue. Well…clear  pour would have been a lot better. Not being very patient is a lesson learned here. The little house in the pleasantly receive package was used in the top lid. I wanted it to look “set back” as in way behind the trees. Not knowing really how to make this look that way was a challenge but the on SCS the weekly ” lesson” was on painting with coffee. Yes…the It sort of worked if you use your imagination.

Paper clay is fun but my modeling skills are wanting. But since the “pond” turned out murkey because of the hot glue…well surely you can tell those are Koi fish down there.

All in all this was fun….Will I do another one?   Maybe…maybe not to soon.IMG_20180609_163452

Thanks for coming by ..Come again and see what else I dream up and “try” to pull together. Practice makes perfect…It just takes a lot of pratice. LOL

Don’t forget…This is the Lords Day…REJOICE

Comments on: "What was I thinking cont." (13)

  1. Ah, I was wondering 🤔but now I get it. Great tin, murky water and all 😁

  2. You are so creative Beverly! I love the way it turned out. It sure looks like a lot of work to. I new they were koi😁! Very well done!

  3. Cute! I love tiny imaginary lands. So, I had this problem too…I saw online where you could make little charms with cake sprinkles melted/iron flat inside hot glue. We tried it between wax paper and not only were the edges not smooth and i couldnt get the glue thick enough where the sprinkles wouldnt melt, the glue was indeed so murky you couldnt see the stuff inside the charms! Not at all “clear” like they showed online 😣😣😣

  4. Ah… now I see, Beverly! And I love it.
    A tiny world within a tin… I may have a go at attempting one of these myself, now that you and Cobs have done them (I just need to find a tin… and then something to put into it! 😀 )
    But yes… I love the Koi, the water ripples, the lily pads, the dragonfly, the house – just everything! Worth waiting for as well 😉

  5. Your little tin is wonderful Beverly! I know I have a few of those empty tins in a drawer somewhere… make me want to dig them out and see what I can do with it.

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