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I don’t have the experience, knowledge or broad understanding that J Warner Wallace possesses but I can recognize sound biblical advice when I see it. Every Christian should be a Christian Case Maker, regardless of how unprepared we may think we may be. It’s much like learning to ride a bike, you’ll make mistakes but after due time and some dedicated effort and lots of Bible study and heart felt prayer, you can make a difference, both to others and also to yourself. This is a win win opportunity and you will learn much more than you have ever imagined.

This is a WordPress repost of J Warner Wallace’s advice to an aspiring Christian Apologist. Please take it to heart.

I was encouraged by your note and your desire to become a Christian apologist. I must confess that I hate that word, “apologist” and wish we would decide, as a…

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Comments on: "Letter to An Aspiring Christian Apologist | J Warner Wallace" (2)

  1. Good stuff Beverly

  2. Maria Tatham, a gentle iconoclast said:

    Beverly, thank you for getting me there! Excellent.

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