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The world’s real life boogey man has once again reached into his deep pockets to fund a “migrant” nightmare.

The Leftist news outfits are happily reporting on this almost 7000 man army heading toward the Mexico/U.S. border as a show of solidarity with the Dems.  Together, they are thumbing their noses at the “Wall” which Trump promised to build.

The Destruction of America

Did you know that 100 ISIS terrorists showed up in Honduras as the caravan began its journey to the U.S.?  One has to wonder how many ISIS members are still among the 7000 making their way to the U.S.

Are you also aware that these so-called migrants may be bringing drug-resistant TB, scabies, chicken pox and and polio-like diseases which are incurable and can lead to permanent neurological damage – especially in children?

But we all know that the Liberal Left has no concern for children, expect…

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Comments on: "Soros Express: ‘Refugees’ Mostly Military Age Men" (3)

  1. Thanks for writing about this so clearly. I had read about some of the things, but I was not aware that most of the people are young men. This is truly frightening.

  2. I was shocked a while back listening to a rerun of a Wretched radio program to hear Soros had vowed millions to get abortion legal in Ireland. That was a few years ago, and not long ago that’s exactly what happened. It’s amazing how much evil that one man is able to accomplish.

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