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As the number of migrants grow exponentially, many of us know that this is no ordinary influx of illegal immigrants making their way into America.  Our attentions were briefly averted by the so-called “bomber” which we now see was a false flag.

But now President Trump is faced with the most dangerous potential attack on America since 9/11.

Who are these people?  How many are members of gangs like MS13?  How many are members of ISIS or Hezbollah or Hamas? Yes, some truly are escaping poverty and crime – but how many are they?

This is America.  This is our nation and home.  We have always been a nation of laws. The Left use this to accuse us of lacking in compassion.

A boat capsizes and frantic people are thrashing about – trying to stay alive. There is a family, a mother and father and four children.  The father sees…

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Comments on: "14,0000-Strong Caravan Invasion Heading for America" (5)

  1. This is so scary Beverly. I pray President Trump remains strong and that we as Americans back him up in securing our borders.

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