Beverly Parkison aka Lateblooming Designs

Just Cards

These cards are at Union Mercantile LLC in  Union, Ms.

Also this  to encourage buying a hand made card


Those of yu who live close enough would so enjoy visiting Suzanne at Union Mercantile. She has a wonderful selection of home decor/gifts and Christmas is just around the corner. Some things are available on line at

My Fall News letter is going out tomorrow. A little late but what can I say…busy,busy.  These are the cards being offered to my customers. Would you like to be one of my spsecial friends? Let me know and you can be on the mailing list too.


Comments on: "Just Cards" (16)

  1. Such beautiful cards, Beverly!! ❤️❤️

  2. Ohh Bev, these are BEAUTIFUL!
    You are so talented and have such an eye for the details.
    As usual, I’ve tried to pick a favourite and … I can’t. But …well … maybe it’s the first one. Although … it could be . . . Ahh.. give up Cobs. They’re all too lovely to pick one over another.

    I adore the words on your business card! I might, if you don’t mind, borrow some of those words to put on a little sign in my craftroom. The words will remind me of you and I’ll be able to ‘hear’ you talking directly to me. Love it, Bev.

    Sending much love and heaps of squidges ~ Cobs. xxx

    • Look!!! I found you.
      Not my words but please use them. I was given permission. Not a business card but a sign at the display in the Union Mercantile store. Now…if only she could sell something. Kinda discouraging. STC ( from Elizabeth craft designs) thinks I may need to open an Etsy store…..Don’t know .

    • Thank you.Do you ever receive greeting cards. I am afraid people just don’t do cards any more. Kinda disapointing for a card maker.

      • I do get greeting cards largely because I’m a pastor. Or so I believe. And I appreciate them! I wish people do them more often and my wife uses them herself

  3. they are beautiful!! Your goodness shows up in your art. Put me on the mailing list!!

  4. Your cards are such works of art Beverly.

    • You are so sweet. Thank you for the kind words. I do enjoy the art form but wish they would sell better. People just don’t send cards anymore.

  5. OH!!! Another post that I left a comment on, and it’s disappeared too! Bev …. are my comments going to your spam folder perhaps? The system loosing one message is excusable, but losing two is horrible.

    I really did comment on this (and the other post I’ve just left a message on), but nothing is here. I’m not ignoring your posts dear friend. They’re just evaporating apparently.

  6. all beautiful!

    thanks for sharing them!

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