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The season is just  about over but the plot is close to being ready for a new year. After the discouraging help from my dog  and a lot digging on my part things do look better.

I knew there was block path there somwhere it was just covered with goodness knows what kind of weeds and over growth.  Most of the Crocosmia has been pulled and time will tell what will come back in the Spring.  Mexican Petunias are just to hard to get out. I am giving it a try . They are a pretty plant but my goodness…they take over and grow under and over anything in its way.


As for the Cyprus vine…well it is beautiful but it needs to be on an outside fence.

DSCN2169 The gifted Mothers Day is in the ground. Not sure it will come back but maybe.


Comments on: "Gardening??" (11)

  1. Beautiful photos Bev. The garden really is looking so much better. I love that the dog ‘helped’. (LOLOLOL).

    My favourite bit …. I spied the mushrooms in the one photo. LOVE them! Ahh, no garden is complete unless it has a mushroom or two.
    HEAPS of love ~ Cobs. xxx

  2. Beautiful garden

  3. I especially love the mothers day one! I hope it comes back as it is so fresh and cheerful. Good job! love you Michele

  4. Love it! My flower garden (and I use that loosely) is more grass than flowers at this stage. Hopefully next year I can change that.

    • Some that I have dug out has started coming back.Maybe winter will do them in but we aren’t looking for very much cold. This look to be an on going thing. Maybe even useless.

  5. Oh… I came days ago and read this post, clicked the like button, and then left a comment. However …. it’s disappeared!

    Check your spam folder Bev. Perhaps it’s gone there.
    Blogging if brilliant, but a pain the the you know where when it goes wrong and makes people think you’re ignoring them!

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