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Prayerfully Contemplating

thought about this subject you should.

Reasoned Cases For Christ

This is the Reverend Sam Allberry and you may have noted that I recently posted an article that featured a conference Sam gave in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada a while ago which was recorded and I subsequently linked five of the videos for it. Sam is a priest within the Anglican Church of England who also happens to be homosexual, in that he is sexually and romantically attracted to men but he does not, nor has he ever, practised or acted upon his homosexual leanings. I personally watched all of the five videos and I thought that they were all Biblically sound. I also thought that they addressed an issue within the Christian Church that for far too has often been short sighted and lacking in compassion and Biblical understanding.

Just to set the record straight, I will list some of Sam’s stated Biblical beliefs.

Sam does NOT recognize same…

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  1. Appreciated this post from Bruce

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    Nice Post

  5. yes churches should cover more on sexual sins

    dangerous for families

    great shared post

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