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Is Music Neutral?

I am so glad you clarified this.

Is Music Neutral?

Michael Jeshurun

On a Forum some time ago a Sister in Christ asked me as to what constitutes true worship. She wrote – “I know that many only worship with Psalms, but the scriptures say “psalms, hymns and spiritual songs – making worship in your heart to the Lord.” My husband and I usually worship the Lord with some of Gadsby’s Hymns, though I am unable to sing. It would be interesting to see what others believe is True Worship.

Pasted below is the answer the Lord led me to write –

Dear Sister,

The question which you have raised is indeed an important one for the Christian. If you had asked me this question in your living room over a cup of tea, my answer would have been plain and simple and straight to the point. This is because you are already for the most part…

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Comments on: "Is Music Neutral?" (4)

  1. Amen. TY:))

  2. Good post we must be biblically discerning

  3. a church i use to go to had contemporary christian music

    occasionally i would go to another church just because u missed hymn music


  4. Excellent question. I don’t know if it’s neutral, but in my opinion, music is certainly partial to the individual. I learned something interesting from a music director of a church I visited once. He explained the difference between “worship” and “praise” music. Fascinating! Meditators are led another way, as their journey is different, some say, more spiritual. Personally I love 💗 all types of music. Religious 🎶 as I refer to it here appeals to me in all forms, and fashions. If it touches my soul, I’m in heaven!✨

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