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Michael Jeshurun

It saddened me to hear that Dr. Ravi Zacharias had passed away and I prayed that the Lord would comfort his grieving family. But then just last week I prayed for my cousin who had lost his Roman Catholic father and the week before that I prayed that the Lord would comfort my Mohammedan neighbors who had lost their mother to cancer. Death is indeed a grievous thing and we should grieve with those who have lost their loved ones and pray that God would comfort their hearts. [Rom 12:15]

All that said, I do not grieve for Dr. Ravi Zacharias as I would grieve for a brother or sister in Christ, for the plain reason that the ‘Jesus’ he preached and the ‘gospel’ he eloquently defended is not the Gospel the apostles preached and contended for.

The apostle Paul…

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  1. Ravi did have his theological issues

  2. I’m glad you agree.

  3. I’ve heard so many people in the world who swear by their beliefs, and not only that will stand anyone who disagrees down when challenged. Many have researched and found what they believe validates what they are pushing forward into the minds of anyone who is on the same vibration as they are. Sides? I don’t usually take them. I simply allow others to believe as they will, and I believe as I will. Some beliefs serve people better than other beliefs, and those are the ones they typically go with. I’m much the same. If it serves me to believe something, and it contributes to my highest and best, I’m there. Otherwise, no.

  4. I like to get two views so I can make a good choice between the two…or three sometimes even.There are a lot of people a lot smarter than I will ever be.

  5. Many regarded him as a con man, He also had an issue regarding sexual harassment, if I recall? Can’t remember how that turned out.

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