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Out of the Blue


The real Himalayan Blue poppy over on the blog..Tish Farrell  Writer on the Edge   for May 22 is just so ,so pretty.  I just ‘needed’ to make one ,or two ,or three in paper since that is what I do. Do look her up and enjoy all of her writing. She spent a good deal of time in Africa years ago and writes so interestingly about all of her adventures while there with her husband. My own dream trip to Africa is just a dream but I would love to check the bucket list  and go some day.

While I am here ….There seem to be several new wonderful souls who have clicked follow on my blog. Thank you …and even though I don’t post as often as I thought I would…you are most welcome and please continue to enjoy the blogs I repost from those I follow and you never know when I might jump in on my own. I really do have great intention …things just get in my way.   Like the repainting of my kitchen. There of course is a story here but maybe another time.

Please leave a Hi so I know you were here and remember…This is the Lords day…REJOICE.


Comments on: "Out of the Blue" (25)

  1. This is beautiful

  2. Very intricate, Beverly. Very nice.
    The ‘squares’ on the right – are they ink or watercolour? I like the effect. They provide a nice balance to the flowers.

  3. What a fantastic creation, Beverly. You have captured the poppies so well.

  4. Beautiful, Beverly! 💚

  5. Oh Beverly…thanks so much for sharing. That is so beautiful!

  6. Thank you dear Faye. Something about Tish sharing that beautiful blue poppy just hit me. Don’t know I knew they came in blue.

  7. Humph. If I cannot eat it, drink it or smoke it, then it is taking up valuable real estate. 🙂

  8. I love your posts! The art is beautiful. So happy. Now do write about your kitchen please! What color?

    • Oh…You and Faye are bugging me about writing. You know I have trouble doing that but I do hope to do better. ….White…Benjamin Moore Dove white.. It was a forced project . haha..and I will try to blog about it. .

  9. Timelesslady said:

    This is so beautiful it took my breath away. I will remember the great tip about the photo paper. I love Blue Poppies too. I missed them this year…didn’t get to Longwood Gardens in time to see them. I want to thank you also for the visits to my blog and the comments…you are appreciated.

    • Thank you. Blue poppies were new to me and Tish’s are so different with only 4 petals. I was just in awe with how pretty her photos were.

  10. Beautiful! Always a joy seeing you post!

  11. creates a feeling of joy 👋

  12. Thank you Beverly for praying for these persecuted believers. ONly update I got is that they still have detained the elders and the intern and a regular church members, the rest they let go. The pastors are some of my brightest students teaching overseas

  13. I am afraid we will continue to see more of this …even here…until the Lord returns.

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