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All part of the demonic plan

Serve Him in the Waiting

A Scottish worker working with a crew to install the 5G towers and all the electronics that go in it, and when he opened it, this is what he saw:

The worker uses the F-word several times, but I needed to provide the source so you know I didn’t make this up. The picture is a screenshot. It is only distinct and clear for a few seconds of the video, so pay attention!

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Comments on: "Why does this 5G transmission module have this on it?" (8)

  1. It’s a hoax, Beverly. No demons. Best you check these things before you make yourself look a bit silly?

  2. Oh, and the worker is from Liverpool, not Scotland.

  3. You never know these days. I do think 5G is dangerous.

    • As are nuclear power plants. What is your point?
      The video is a hoax.
      A piece of conspiracy theory nonsense. Spreading such rubbish is potentially dangerous and simply plays on peoples’ fears.

      And demons? Really, Beverly? For goodness’ sake!
      You are an educated grown woman, not some uneducated backwater hick living in the middle ages.

  4. Oh, and the blog you linked to … the host just banned me for some reason.

  5. Timelesslady said:

    Thank you for posting. I appreciate reading about all possible avenues and alleys that are making inroads into our culture and everyday life now. When Covid came along, because I had read many sources of information, I knew about the virus and was prepared with dry goods/natural medicines and an at-the-ready mental attitude before other people even heard about it. Whether or not 5G is linked to it doesn’t matter to me. I want to have an open attitude about all possibilities. I found the remarks by Ark to be very disrespectful and they seem to be what is often called ‘trolling.’

  6. Disrespectful?
    To promote something that is so obviously false as this COV 19 nonsense claim featured in this ridiculous video is monumentally disrespectful to all doctors, nurses, surgeons, chemists, virologists, every ambulance worker, every hospice care person, in fact every front-line worker putting their lives on the line.
    And this is something you should darn well consider if, your god forbid, you end up in hospital because of your disrespect for this potentially deadly virus.

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