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Men, Love Your Wives

Run With It

In America, today is a day we traditionally celebrate our human fathers. The day is referred to as “Father’s Day,” so I am going to focus more today on the role of the husband and father than I am on the role of the wife and mother. And actually that is appropriate because the man is to be the head of the household and the one who leads his family spiritually (if he is a Christian), and so he should be the one to set the tone for what happens in the home, although I realize he can’t entirely control all that goes on.

Now let me say this. My human father, although he claimed to be a Christian, and although he made sure we were “in church” every time the doors were open, was a bully and an abuser who took advantage of all who were weaker than him…

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  1. I always thought my father had a little bully in him as we were growing up, but later in life I realized that was just the way they raised children in the 50’s and 60’s. A far cry from today’s “trophies for everyone” method of child raising.

  2. I am fortunate to have a dad who lived his Christian faith and still does. He treated my mom with great tenderness and care and as kids, we always knew he loved us.

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